For over a year we have been collecting your stories, rethinking our own story, and working to document how to move into global collaboration in a way that is easy to share and relevant to all teachers. We will have lots of resources in the book and this is the online location for the book. 

For now, Go to our homepage and sign up to get an email when the book comes out! If you think that you'll qualify, you can also apply to be considered for an advance review copy of the book by sharing some information about why you'd like to review the book. 
We're excited to share this with all of our friends and bring it into the larger world. It is our goal to social-media-ize the entire book in some creative new ways and we're excited that Pearson has made this possible for us to do. You may even want to read the book with mobile phone in hand! 

Let's move forward as we reinvent our classrooms AND our books to be part of this amazing 21st century social-media powered landscape.

If you want to write about the book, use the hashtag #flatclass but we also want you to use the tag to write about anything about global collaboration in education so we can share and learn from each other. 

This is a bigger conversation that includes all of us! Let's learn together.


06/05/2011 18:21


06/05/2011 18:22

Hi Vicki and Julie
Huge congratulations on the book! I can't wait to read it and share it with as many other people as possible.

It is so important to break down the classroom walls and help our students learn in a way that is both relevant and inspiring.

Justine :-)

05/23/2012 23:27

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